Drunken Boat Says Nice Things About Bettering

In some instances, I think, existing can be a form of resistance. And existence can be tiring. The experience of reading Bettering American Poetry 2015 reminded me a little bit of being on a road trip, and being thirsty, and stopping somewhere. To fix that. To quench the thirst. Maybe a more poetic way to say this would be: oasis in a desert. Or: shelter in a tempest. Again, we have the anthology as restorative relationship.
dia prague dada

Bettering American Volume 2: Meet the Editorial Team

Bettering Books is thrilled to announce the team of co-editors who will be selecting the poems that will comprise Bettering American Poetry Volume 2:

Kaveh Akbar
jayy dodd
Joshua Jennifer Espinoza
Muriel Leung
Camille Rankine
& Michael Wasson

Follow the link below to learn more about our marvelous editors. Stay tuned for more news about Bettering American Poetry 2016, and don't forget to send us your nominations for the anthology!


Nominate for Bettering American Poetry Volume 2!

Did you read a poem in 2016 that blew you away? That challenged power structures, and told oppressors to fuck off? That exposed something crucial or needed? That gave you hope or solidarity? That took a baseball bat to the dumpsterfires of 2016?

We want to hear from you!

Bettering American Poetry is now accepting nominations from individuals and journals for our next anthology.

Read our nomination guidelines here. Questions? Get in touch at BetterAmericanPoetry@gmail.com.