Bettering American Poetry 2015

"Soaring and raw, these poems 'better' American Poetry by battering down racial pieties of our white neoliberal nation. This anthology is an explosive Cri de Coeur of these times." - Cathy Park Hong

"Resistance and action have always been key elements of progress, and I'm so encouraged that Bettering American Poetry exists and super humbled to be a part of it. We need this poetry, these voices, this perspective--and the poems are just really freaking good!" - Tommy Pico

"Bettering American Poetry is verse of the most urgent kind. In this moment of rising fear and resentment these poets write with a deep regard for all peoples. This is the kind of work that will take us through the next 4 years and the next 100." - Nate Marshall

Follow the link below to purchase your copy of Bettering American Poetry 2015. If you are an educator who wants to teach this book, if you are a bookseller buying in bulk, or if the $20 price for this anthology makes it inaccessible to you: please email us at to inquire about discounted rates. 

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